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Bio-Well 2.0 Latest Model


You should look at your purchase as an investment that will set you apart from other practitioners in your field. I will teach you ways to incorporate this in your business so you can make your investment back ten folds. I have helped hundreds of practitioners start a successful business.

Free Gift With Purchase

Align your chakras with this powerful cell signaling supplement that brings the energy system of the body back to coherence by applying to the neck area.

Results may vary depending on the level of blockages.

Surprise Gift #1

Once you see energy disruptions in the biofield apply this redox gel to that area and rescan in 5 minutes to see the change.

Surprise Gift #2

Detox Solution

85% of people we scan with Bio-Well show high values of energetic overactivity in the liver, kidneys, and bladder, signaling a need for detox. ASEA is one of the most powerful detox supplements we have researched in our Research & Development center in Orlando, FL.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the warranty on the device? We offer a two year warranty on manufacturer defects. These devices are built very solid, I have yet to encounter an issue after 5 years
  • ​Is it compatible with PC or MAC? It is compatible with both! We are not supporting the newest Apple operating system that was just released. Our programmers are working on it.
  • ​Do I get support after sale? Yes, we are more about growing a family of researchers than just selling you a device. We have a private app designed for this purpose.
  • ​Do you ship international? Yes, we ship worldwide for FREE.
  • ​Does the power work in my country? Yes, Bio-Well uses the power from your computer so it doesn't matter where you are using it.
  • ​How much do practitioners charge for scans? Our new practitioners charge $75 per scan (30 min) and $75 for a therapy session. Our experienced users charge up to $250 per session.
  • ​Can I sell Bio-Well to my clients? Yes, we offer an affiliate program that you can get 10% commission on your referrals. 
  •  How long does the training take? Our advanced certification training is 6 hrs.
  • ​Do you offer refunds? The Bio-Well comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our hope is that your business and life are forever transformed with the skills you develop through this technology. 


Here's everything you'll get with your Bio-Well

Bio-Well 2.0 Device + Calibration System

This is the actual device that you will receive with all necessary parts to get you started quick.

($1,899 value)

Basic Certification Training

We will teach you how to use the device and you will receive a basic certification.

($350 value)

HRV Course (Heart Rate Variability)

You'll learn how to use biofeedback devices and your breath to bring your heart and brain into coherence. 

($650 value)

Crystal Acupuncture Course

Learn how to use different crystals to remove overactivity and bring balance to chakras and meridians.

($650 value)

Tachyon Stress Relief Course

You will scientifically learn how to reduce stress or overactivity in the system by using the Bio-Well report. We will be paying attention to the areas of overactivity.

($650 value)

SRC4YOU Remote Healing Course + 6 Months FREE 

You will learn how to use this Quantum software to introduce remote stress relief to your clients.

($1300 value)

LIFETIME Access To Our Bio-Well Support App

You will always have questions come up after training and it's very important to have a place to support you.

($997 value)

FREE Access to Our Community "Lightworkers App"

You get to mingle with over 400 open-minded wellness practitioners and join regular webinars.

($997 value)

FREE Access to hundreds of Bio-Well practitioners

Get access to hundreds of Bio-Well researchers.


It’s important that you know the enormous value you’ll get in this program. These numbers are not inflated — they’re an honest, actual values, and you can purchase those courses separately.

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