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You should look at your purchase as an investment that will pay back ten folds. I have helped hundreds of practitioners start a successful business using the Bio-Well.

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Surprise Gift #1 ($29 Value)

Tachyon Plate 4x4 to help pain relief, restructure water and food. 

Surprise Gift #2 ($50 Value)

Redox Solution

85% of people we scan with Bio-Well show high levels of energetic overactivity in the liver, kidneys and bladder signaling a need for detox. ASEA is one of the most powerful detox supplements we have researched in our research center in Orlando, FL.

Surprise Gift #3 ($50 Value)

Once you see energy disruptions in the biofield apply this redox gel to that area and rescan in 5 minutes to see the change.

Results after 5 minutes of application of the gel to the neck area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the warranty on the device? We offer a two year warranty on manufacturer defects. These devices are built very solid, I have yet to encounter an issue after 5 years.

Is it compatible with PC or MAC? It is compatible with both! We are not supporting the newest Apple operating system that was just released. Our programmers are working on it.

Do I get support after sale? Yes, we are more about growing a family of researchers than just selling you a device. We have a private app designed for this purpose.

Do you ship international? Yes, we ship worldwide for FREE.

Does the power work in my country? Yes, Bio-Well uses the power from your computer so it doesn't matter where you are using it.

How much do practitioners charge for scans? Our new practitioners charge $75 per scan (30 min) and $75 for a therapy session. Our experienced users charge up to $250 per session.

Can I sell Bio-Well to my clients? Yes, we offer an affiliate program that you can get 10% commission on your referrals. 

How long does the training take? Our advanced certification training is 12 hrs.

Do you offer refunds? The Bio-Well comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our hope is that your business and life are forever transformed with the skills you develop through this technology. 


Here's everything you'll get with your Bio-Well

Bio-Well 2.0 Device + Calibration System

This is the actual device that you will receive with all necessary parts to get you started quick.

($1,899 value)

Basic Certification Training

We will teach you how to use the device and you will receive a basic certification.

($350 value)

HRV Course (Heart Rate Variability)

You'll learn how to use biofeedback devices and your breath to bring your heart and brain into coherence. 

($650 value)

Crystal Acupuncture Course

Learn how to use different crystals to remove overactivity and bring balance to chakras and meridians.

($650 value)

Tachyon Stress Relief Course

You will scientifically learn how to reduce stress or overactivity in the system by using the Bio-Well report. We will be paying attention to the areas of overactivity.

($650 value)

SRC4YOU Remote Healing Course + 6 Months FREE 

You will learn how to use this Quantum software to introduce remote stress relief to your clients.

($1300 value)

LIFETIME Access To Our Bio-Well Support App

You will always have questions come up after training and it's very important to have a place to support you.

($997 value)

FREE Access to Our Community "Lightworkers App"

You get to mingle with over 600 open-minded wellness practitioners and join regular webinars.

($997 value)

FREE Access to hundreds of Bio-Well practitioners

Get access to hundreds of Bio-Well researchers.


It’s important that you know the enormous value you’ll get in this program. These numbers are not inflated — they’re an honest, actual values, and you can purchase those courses separately.

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